Medical Weight Loss

before-after-body3Dr. Tom Yarema offers a 16-week medically supervised weight loss program. The step-by-step program uses a ketogenic diet high in nutrient dense foods to rehabilitate metabolism and reduce stubborn midsection fat.

Patients follow simple daily schedules with a minimum of four meals each day. Through weekly teleseminars, program participants learn how their body works, gain valuable information and insight about nutrition, metabolism and more. They have the opportunity to have all of their questions answered by Dr. Tom. There is also a Home Study Program option that uses recorded versions of the teleseminars, email and a confidential discussion forum.

Program members have access to a menu of more than 40 delicious meal items that can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. These are used in combination with wholesome store-bought food to create easy and quick-to-prepare recipes and snacks.

The program is flexible enough to be used in a variety of real-life settings. Whether you have to juggle a busy personal and professional schedule, travel for business or pleasure or keep up with the kids or grandkids, you can stay on the program and achieve your weight goals.

All patients are pre-screened and Dr. Tom can provide recommendations to participants and their private healthcare providers to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Call us at (831)334-6933 for a 15 minute free introduction consultation to see if this weight loss program is a good fit for you.