#2 Easiest way to Keep COVID symptoms MILD

The integration of Chinese medicine and Western medicine can significantly speed up symptom resolution of COVID including fever, cough, and fatigue.

Recent reporting has also demonstrated shorten length of hospital stay, faster conversion of positive-to-negative coronavirus test results, and seemingly blocked the progression from mild or moderate symptoms to severe and critical conditions. It also appears to have reduced the mortality rate.

On February 23, 2020, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine disclosed an herbal formula by famous herbalist Dr. Tong Xiaolin with more than a 90% effectiveness rate in the treatment of 214 patients with coronavirus pneumonia.

These patients ranged from mild to critical.

“Qingfei Paidu Decoction” was used to treat 214 confirmed coronavirus cases in four pilot provinces including Shanxi, Hebei, Heilongjiang, and Shanxi. The patients’ symptoms included fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat, lack of appetite, and changes in CT imaging.

Statistical data on February 5th, 2020, showed that within 3 days of treatment more than 60% of patients had symptomatic benefit and/or CT imaging improvement. In 30% of patients, symptoms stabilized without worsening.

Up to March 13, 2020, among 1261 coronavirus pneumonia patients from 10 different provinces who have taken “Qingfei Paidu Decoction”, no single case progressed from mild to severe or critically ill.

Silver Flower capsules are a US version of “Qingfei Paidu Decoction” containing the same herbal ingredients as “Qingfei Paidu Decoction.” Silver Flower is in a capsule form while he Chinese original was liquid.

This herbal formula is not recommended to be used as a preventive, only for treatment after symptoms begin.

Please be in contact with me by phone or in person if you feel ill enough to begin using.

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