Wouldn’t it be great to have a MILD rather than SEVERE infection? Boost your Immunity now.

With our community harboring COVID, there are many uncertainties about how sick one might become.

The CDC expects more than half of the US will become infected. 

Rather than just wait and be a victim of the epidemic, wouldn’t you like to be doing something proactive?

Repetitive stimulation of White Blood Cells in the presence of microbes

  • strengthens your immunity
  • decreases the seriousness of an infection

Here, at the Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine, we’d like to 

  • mitigate whatever viral exposure you might develop, so you 
  • experience  a MILD case, 
  • not a SEVERE infection.

Our “Weekly Immune Booster Injection” is a scientifically-validated, time-tested method of immune stimulation. 

This is done by a weekly injection of a small amount of your own blood, mixed with saline and ozone.   It takes about 10 minutes, and doesn’t hurt.

Call our Office Number 831.621.2535 and ask to schedule your “Weekly Immune Booster Injection” with me.  The cost is $145.  Begin getting the Entire Family’ immunity stimulated weekly.

If we are going to be eventually exposed, let’s ALL have a MILD CASE and get on with life.