Chronic Complex Medical Conditions

Many people have diseases or conditions that they have been told they simply have to live with, or that the only treatment available consists of managing the symptoms, not reversing the underlying issues. Pharmaceuticals companies make big money on chronic conditions, and many of the prescription medications on the market are designed specifically for this purpose—to make you feel slightly better, but not ever free of your illness. Here at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, we take an entirely different approach to chronic conditions. We make deep changes to your diet, lifestyle and approach to health that are very effective at not just treating the symptoms but often completely the reversing the disease itself.

What Are Chronic Conditions?

From diabetes and depression to cancer, obesity and even insomnia, most chronic diseases share the common factor that they dramatically lower your overall quality of life. Fortunately, they also share many of the same causative factors, such as problems with digestion and metabolism, as well as a lowered immune system. In fact, many chronic conditions only exist because your body is in a less than optimal state that allows them to flourish, which is why I came up with the Get Your Body Back program.

My Personalized Approach to Chronic Illness

The foundation of my approach to chronic illnesses is helping you get to the point where your innate healing abilities are stimulated, and your body can restore itself to optimal health and can overcome any chronic condition. Because each patient’s condition is unique, all of my treatments start with an in-depth evaluation and some diagnostics to measure your overall state. From here, you and I together will design a wellness program meant to accelerate your journey back to health while we address both the specifics of your illness and your whole system’s vitality at the same time in an integrative manner.