Forwarding Herd Immunity

If you are keeping up with the Zoom Meeting Series, then you understand ‘flattening the curve’ avoids Medical System overwhelm.

Unfortuantely, ‘flattening the curve’ tends to elongate the curve. This can widen the ‘uncertainty fog’ in the middle of the lower image above and prolong the epidemic.

In the upper right, even with ‘behavioral fatigue’ of strategies used to ‘flatten the curve’ such as Social Distancing, the second wave height is blunted by the forward advancing ‘rosey-pink-cheeked’ immune herd.

I invite you to participate in home-based testing of our science-based hypothesis to ‘Drive the Herd Immunity Forward’.

This should NOT be interpreted as a medical treatment for COVID disease. Please contact me if you are concerned about your individual health or the health of those your love.

In-Office COVID testing + Doctor’s Interpretation of Immune Status


Methylene Blue Oral Solution, 150ml (1 Month Supply)


Oral PDT


BUNDLE: Oral PDT + Methylene Blue Oral Solution, 150ml


Methylene Blue + PhotoDynamicTherapy is a science-validated hypothesis worthy of testing to establish its efficacy in ‘Driving Herd Immunity Forward’. Preliminary studies from Germany suggest ‘Yes’.

Flatten the Curve
Shorten the Curve
Get to the Front of Herd Immunity

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