Prescriptions for COVID Prevention & Early Symptom Treatment require a Doctor-Patient Consultation!

Good Medicine requires Good Doctoring. That means a doctor willing to listen to your concerns, take time to understand the uniqueness of your body and your experiences of living in your body, and willing to craft a feasible solution to your suffering.

If you would like to schedule a phone appointment with Dr Tom to discuss if Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, Budesonide, Methylene Blue, or any other remedy is a good fit for you, please click here.

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Ivermectin became a FDA-approved drug in the mid-eighties and, to date, more than 3 billion doses have been administered worldwide. The WHO has classified Ivermectin in the same safety category as Aspirin and Penicillin.

All medications have potential side effects. Potential side effects can be minimized by correct dosage. This is best determined by an experienced prescriber who understands your individual physiology, and can adjust the dose and dosing schedule to meet the goal of treatment. Dr Tom will discuss this during your consultation.

Because Ivermectin is a prescription drug, a patient must first consult with a licensed prescriber. Dr Tom can consult with any adult in California ONLY. If your residence is outside California, Dr Tom recommends these three directory services listing prescribers by geography: (1), (2), and (3)

There are many reasons why doctors may favor a particular method of treatment, while ignoring others. In many cases, it is merely a lack of knowledge or lack of familiarity. To educate your prescriber on the existing science of Ivermectin, an excellent review of highly credible scientific studies can be downloaded by clicking here.

Within large scale Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials and meta-analyses of numerous studies, Ivermectin outperforms all currently studied single treatment agents for both prevention, and both early & late treatment of COVID. Because it has no nutrient-drug interactions with Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and Quercetin, these agents can be used simultaneously.

No. Ivermectin is manufactured for either veterinarian use or human use. Veterinarian Ivermectin is not recommended for human use due to differences in purity. For human Ivermectin, generic tablets are available through most retail pharmacies. A sublingual Ivermectin, ‘Resolve tm ,’ formulated by Tom Yarema, MD is available through mail-order compounding pharmacies as a less expensive alternative.

The typical human Ivermectin in the US is 3 mg tablets. These tablets have an established history of variable absorption from the stomach. Over the 30 years of Ivermectin usage worldwide, this has been an issue. Dr Tom has developed with the help of specialty compounding pharmacies a proprietary under-the-tongue lozenge which circumvents the variable absorption issue. In short, you get the medicine into your blood when you need it the most.

Dr Tom has worked with compounding pharmacies to keep the price of this specialty product affordable. In fact, the cost per milligram is typically less expensive than the retail price of an equivalent dosage of generic Ivermectin tablets in the US.

In order to accommodate the large numbers of patients needing Ivermectin, Dr Tom has substantially discounted his usual New Patient rate. To facilitate rapid service during time of urgent need, Dr Tom will only accept online payment for his consultation.

There is a $75 initial chart set up fee for New Patients. Dr Tom’s consultation rate is $125 per quarter hour. Initial Covid Concern appointments are the total of these two charges, $200. Follow up appointments are charged at the rate of $125 per quarter hour.

Dr Tom will do his best to educate you on all your options addressing your individual Pandemic Concern, and provide the risks & benefit analysis for each of those options. Together, you will decide on the best course for your best health.

Prescription medications are provided by pharmacies. Dr Tom can fax your prescription to mail order pharmacies which ship throughout the US and internationally. Dr Tom has vetted mail order pharmacies which provide the highest quality products and client services, typically with prescription filling within 1 business day, and shipping withing 1-3 business days with tracking to the customer.

During your consultation, you and Dr Tom will decide what is an appropriate amount and timeframe to use your medication based upon a risk-benefit analysis. Together you will decide how much mediation will be needed from a pharmacy. Appropriate refills will be provided to meet the goals and challenges you are facing.

The supply chain of Ivermectin in the US is under the domain of pharmacies. Appreciating that some pharmacists have little or no experience with Ivermectin, they may not feel comfortable dispensing an appropriate prescription. Additionally, since it is rarely stocked in many pharmacies, the pharmacist may need to special order the medication which takes time, resources, cash flow and may influence the price to the consumer. Anticipating this, Dr Tom has identified the largest and most secure supply chains of Ivermectin within US pharmacies. In short, it’s highly unlikely they will ever run out.

Dr Tom will discuss with you, based upon best science available, alternatives for Early Treatment, Post-Exposure Protection, and long-term prevention. He will then give you his professional recommendation which is safest & most effective based upon established international peer-revied science and clinical experience.

Yes, Dr Tom is tracking the emerging science and clinical response of patients around the world with symptoms which linger, relapse, or recur after a Covid infection. Because of the complexity, such consultations may require more than 15 minutes and will be billed accordingly.

If you are not actively infected, communicable, or shedding virus, you can consult face-to-face with Dr Tom at his clinic. Scheduling is best done by clicking here.

Yes, Dr Tom offers General Medical and Integrative Medicine & Wellness services in his clinic M-F, 9-4:30. His philosophy, and examples of common conditions addressed, and some of the treatments offered are available on his website,

If you would like to schedule a phone appointment with Dr Tom to discuss if Ivermectin is a good fit for you, please click here.

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Empower your body’s immunity and overall health … we are all in this together.

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