7 Day Blood Cleansing Detox Program


Puffy, congested, swollen, heavy after the Holidays? ….

Join Me on my 7-Day Detox

Look and feel your best in 2020 !!!

— Dr Tom

What’s So Special About THIS ‘Detox with Dr Tom’ Program ?

  • The easiest, most affordable, most effective Liver Detox I’ve found.
  • All supplies available at that time for $110 and shipped at NO CHARGE
  • All participants will receive daily emails, recipes, tips and Dr Tom’s ‘weird detox humor’.
  • We get to do this one together and share our results


Through this program, you will experience improved energy, clearer thinking, less congestion, better digestion and healthier skin!

Join Me on my Pre-Valentines 7-Day ‘Detox with Dr Tom’ Program


  • Studies show we are exposed to more than 200,000 outrageous environmental toxins in our food, water, air, and skin & hair products.  During the holidays and with travel, these exposures increase..
  • Cold & damp weather slows cellular metabolism and the toxins & wastes congeal in the tissues.  “Phlegm-in-the-tissues” become “Issues-in-the Tissues:” if detoxification is not done. Free yourself !
  • Detoxification unburdens our tissues, organs, and lymphatic & circulatory channels.  This increases energy, improves immunity, and provides the foundation for healthy cellular rejuvenation.