7 Day Blood Cleansing Detox Program


Puffy, congested, swollen, heavy, or dull ? ….

Take care of the ‘deferred maintenance’ with my 7-Day Detox

Look and feel your best !!!

— Dr Tom

What’s So Special About THIS ‘Detox with Dr Tom’ Program ?

  • The easiest, most affordable, most effective Liver Detox I’ve found.
  • All supplies available for $175 and shipped at NO CHARGE
  • Shopping guide, recipes, and daily emails with tips and Dr Tom’s ‘weird detox humor’.
  • Find out for yourself your ‘health baseline’


Through this program, you will experience improved energy, clearer thinking, less congestion, better digestion and healthier skin!

Watch my videos as I go through my own 7-Day Program


  • Studies show we are exposed to more than 200,000 outrageous environmental toxins in our food, water, air, and skin & hair products.  During holidays, periodis of ignoring our best habits and with travel, these exposures increase..
  • Cold & damp weather slows cellular metabolism and the toxins & wastes congeal in the tissues.  “Phlegm-in-the-tissues” become “Issues-in-the Tissues:” if detoxification is not done. Free yourself !
  • Detoxification unburdens our tissues, organs, and lymphatic & circulatory channels.  This increases energy, improves immunity, and provides the foundation for healthy cellular rejuvenation.