MAP Pack (2-Month Supply)


Theses four products have been assembled to provide you with the Most Affordable Prevention (MAP) Pack in a 2-month supply bundle.  These products consist of:

  • a multivitamin and mineral complex which is formulated for genetic variablity of detoxification and pointed toward “Mitochondrial Resuscitation” … I call it “Vata-Neuro-Immune”.
  • a high potency Omega 3 EPA + DHA supplement sourced sustainably and certified pure of heavy metals which commonly contaminate the sources of most OTC Omega 3 supplements AND is not diluted down by non-EPA, non-DHA fish oils … I call this “Perfect Omega”.
  • a broad-spectrum probiotic which INCLUDES the beneficial gut fungus Sacchromyces boulardi … I call this “Perfect Biotic”
  • Vitamin D3 with added Vitamin K2 in the same form used in the international scientific studies that demonstrate a longer persistence in the body and TRUE cardiovascular protection.



Additional information

Weight 4 oz
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