Regain Your Health

If you’re looking for relief from chronic illness, pain, digestive issues and poor immune response, I offer hope for healing at my Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine. We take an entirely different approach to healing, using ancient healing practices as well as modern techniques, supplementation and dietary knowledge to give you back your health and vitality.

Chronic Conditions

At the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, I take a different approach to the treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, depression, obesity, insomnia and even cancer. I design an integrative wellness program specifically for you to address the underlying causes of your illness and restore your health and vitality.
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Digestion Health

Here at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, digestive health is one of the three cornerstones of the integrated wellness plan I use to reverse chronic health conditions. When your digestive health is running optimally, healing, and even the reversal of chronic conditions take place.
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Metabolism Support

When a metabolism imbalance occurs, you may experience weight gain, hormone imbalance, increased insulin levels and diabetes, increased cholesterol and even heart problems. I can help you get your metabolism back on track and get you on the path to healing your chronic disease.
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Immunity Support

When your immune system is dysfunctional, it may be easier to catch colds and the flu. But it may also be harder for your body to overcome serious and chronic illnesses. I can help restore your immune system to its optimal state, helping you heal from serious diseases and chronic conditions.
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Our Philosophy

The core of our philosophy here at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine is that your body is able to heal itself naturally when it is in a high state of functioning. In a nutshell, I work with patients to develop personalized, results-driven and affordable solutions to chronic diseases of all types. I have developed in-depth dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes and emotional and spiritual support guidelines in order to help my patients realize optimal health instead of focusing on fighting a disease, and this often reverses the condition naturally on its own.

How We Do It

At the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, the results-driven, personalized solutions I create help stimulate your body’s innate healing and guide you to relief from chronic disease and pain. I use a combination of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions as well as Western (allopathic) methods to restore you to optimal health.

Stimulate Innate Healing

I like to call my approach to healing “self-referential” – the treatment process is guided by deepening your connection to your body and your feelings.

Personalized Results Driven Solutions

I have studied both medical-school medicine and natural health modalities, I can come up with a unique personalized plan for my patients.

Ayurvedic Modalities

Known as agni (fire) in Ayurvedic medicine, your digestive power is responsible for your energy and vitality levels, which keeps you healthy and disease free.

Food as Medicine

The idea that what you eat is largely responsible for your health is as old as humanity itself.


My multiple-award-winning book makes ancient Ayurvedic wisdom accessible to all and fuses it with over 150 unique, modern recipes.