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Regain Your Health

If you’re tired of brain-fog, digestive or respiratory issues, musculoskeletal pain, or poor immunity, hope abounds at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine.

Our expertise in Ancient Healing practices as well as Modern Technological Medicine, allows us to provide you with insight into what’s occurring within your body, where it needs to go to begin its journey back to health, and what predictable benchmarks you should expect to see in the reversal of your wayward condition.

Never forget: Healing is your birthright.


Do any of these symptoms describe what you’re feeling ? Great! This is where we have traction.

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With proper guidance, you CAN trust in your body’s ability to repair …

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Whether ‘at-home’ or ‘drop-your-body-off at our body shop’ or somewhere in between …

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We love catching what falls through the cracks of Modern Western Medicine …. and

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Our Philosophy

You were born to heal.

Healing is your BirthRight.

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How We Do It

At the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, the results-driven, personalized solutions I create help stimulate your body’s innate healing and guide you to relief from chronic disease and pain. I use a combination of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions as well as Western (allopathic) methods to restore you to optimal health.