Knee Pain & Stiffness

Whether you have knee pain & stiffness clicking, popping, locking, or feeling like it will ‘give away’ ….

Knee problems can literally leave us “Without a Leg to Stand On”

— Dr Tom

Knee problems come in many shapes and types. Most people rely on OTC pain killers and continue to suffer until they see an Orthopedic Surgeon to treat their knee pain & stiffness. Most commonly, they are told either “they need joint replacement surgery” or ‘”should delay joint replacement surgery for as long as possible”.

Sometimes an Orthopedic or ‘Sports Medicine’ doctor will offer a Conventional Medicine injection of steroids. Often, the first injection provides some relief. However, the benefit can decay before a 3-4 month waiting period before the next injection.

Why this waiting period?

All Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine doctors know repetitive or too frequent steroid injections commonly cause complications. Typically, the doctor will refuse another injection until 3-4 months has lapsed.

They know earlier injections of steroids weaken the tissues of the joint.

To inform yourself on the complications of Conventional Medicine’s knee injections, download Dr Tom’s eReport on Knee Problems. To get his eReport, click here.

Whether you are FEELING:

  • pain
  • stiffness
  • clicking
  • popping
  • locking
  • feeling like it will ‘give away’

The loss of our mobility greatly impacts our health & quality of life.

— Dr Tom

Knee problems commonly lead to:

  • weight gain with no change in diet
  • disturbed sleep due to frequent awakenings for positional changes
  • daytime irritability
  • unable to keep up with others
  • increased risk of dangerous falls

To know what is causing the issue and what your best options are, discuss your problem with someone well versed in Regenerative Medicine.

Joint symptom relief and tissue regeneration can be undertaken both at home and in a specialized Clinic. There are many effective treatments which are non-invasive or much less invasive than surgery.

Protect Yourself from Falls, Sleep Disturbance from Positional Changes, and Keep up with the kids or Grandkids !

— Dr Tom

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