Osteoarthritis / Joint Pain

My dad often said …. “if they ever catch me not moving, they’re gonna throw dirt on my face.”

Our ability to move …. or notdoes define our lives.


Unfortunately, many of us begin to stiffen, lose strength or stamina or both …. and when the pain creeps in … we feel OLD.

The recommendation to “JUST EXERCISE MORE” is silly in the face of pain, stiffness, and weakness especially when dealing with osteoarthritis

Tragically, soon after ‘Yoga’ replaced ‘Aerobics’ as a health fad in the US, an epidemic of Yoga Injuries appeared. How ironic … when the word ‘yoga’ translates as ‘union of mind & body’.

Maintaining the ability to move safely, easily, gracefully through-out our lifespan does require consistent & appropriate activity.

However, if at any point our movements are restricted, our bodies will convert flexibility into stability. Previously mobile joints can lose range of motion and fluidity, attempting to maintain a supportive structure against gravity.

With the loss of motion, the body responds with an inflammatory response. If this response is ineffective at repair, degeneration of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones occur.

“Bone-on-Bone” grinding …. rupture of tendons … over-stretching of ligaments with bone slippage… and osteoporosis/osteopenia ensues.

Even though 1 in 3 women over the age of 50 and 1 in 5 men over 50 will suffer an osteoporotic bone fracture, these un-toward changes can occur at any age.

Using Regenerative Medicine techniques, pain & loss of mobility can be mitigated, sometimes restored.


  • getting up & down off the floor with grandkids
  • not having to protect your movements when you first get out of bed
  • enjoying your movements in concert with others, whether at work, at play, or when the lights are out …

Remember, if you’ve already lost motion, grace, and flexibility … regaining is a tough upstream struggle with osteoarthritis.

In these situations, simple orthopedic Regenerative Medicine injections can mitigate the pain and loss of mobility and move you towards restoration of your quality of life.

Remember, if they catch you not moving ….

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