Frequently, people say to me:

“I’ve told many doctors my story, and they’ve either tried to minimize my symptoms …

or, they ran labs and imaging studies, then tried to convince me ‘nothing was wrong’.

“Thing is, I KNOW something is off ! “

If you feel something is off … there’s a good chance there is.

The question is ‘what’ is off, ‘which direction’ it needs to go, and ‘how’ that will get done.

At our Center, we spend the time to understand your life and the events leading up to your symptoms. We use a number of in-house diagnostics and, if needed, specialty lab testing outside of Conventional Medicine. We review your past medical records and use standard Conventional testing when appropriate.


Here’s a list of common areas that fall through the cracks of Conventional Western Medicine, which we commonly see.

If you find yourself in the list below, give our Center a call.

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