Fatigue / Brain Fog

I’m amazed that any patient can easily answer the question, ” How’s your Energy? ” …. while few doctors can answer the question, ” How’s Patient X’s energy?

Energy is absolutely necessary for life. And if a doctor is unable to qualitatively and quantitatively monitor a patient’s energy … we have a fundamental breakdown.

Examples of energy testing does exist in Western Conventional Medicine:

  • Electro-Cardio-Gram (EKG or ECG) to see heart rhythm and changes is electrical waveform to see if a heart attack is occurring
  • Electro-Encephalo-Gram (EEG) to study brain activity during a provocation to see if a seizure is occurring.
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity and Evoked Potentials of nerves to understand neuropathies

These may or may not apply to our most common lack of Energy, which we call ‘Fatigue’ … often accompanied by unclear thinking or flat moods …. which we commonly call “Brain Fog”.

If the Fatigue and/or Brain-fog has been persisting for a significant period of time, we find it useful to measure the stored energy in the body and the ability of the body to conduct energy. These 2 measurements are combined into one as a ‘Phase Angle’ in BioImpedence measurements between the wrist and ankle. Body BioImpedence measurements are the most scientificly authenticated method of discerning optimal Basal Metabolic Rate for obese and non-obese individuals.

Fatigue and brain fog being attributed to low energy
Fatigue and Brain-fog are often attributed to low Energy.
Phase Angle is a direct measurement of two parameters, graphically presented in one number: Reactance, the ability of a cell to store energy with an intact cell membrane; and Resistance, (an inverse of Conductance), the ability for Energy to be conducted within electrolyte containing tissues.

The electrical conductance to specific organs of the body or to specific areas of the brain is useful in deducing the functional capacity of those organs. Convenient measurements of the electrical capacity of all the organs of the body was evolved over the past 70 years.

Currently, measuring Galvanic Skin Resistance of specific areas of the skin and interpolating those areas of skin to ‘micro-system homonculous’ ie, a skin-to-organ mapping, has been scientifically authenticated in 2002 by functional MRI scans. Because of its established scientific basis, this is our most common method.

If the Energy of the body is stressed, and the Brain is foggy, we must ask the question: is this only an Energy deficiency or blockage, or is there debility in the biochemicals and/or tissue changes in the brain.

Biochemical testing of neurotransmitters and immune cytokines, as well as brain and nervous systems scans using MRI or CT, are applied as appropriate.

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