The immune systems is like a bicycle. If it has no velocity or speed, it is very difficult to balance! Balancing the Immune System is the key to treating a variety of diseases, especially allergies and Auto-Immunity and Food Intolerances.

With increasing amounts of toxic chemical exposures in the food, water, and air we breathe … not to mention the things which come in contact with our skin, it’s not surprise that our skin and gut microbiome is increasingly ‘out-of-balance’.

For decades, I watched the ‘miracle’ of different generations of anti-histamines and immuno-suppressive pharmaceuticals (eg, prednisone, methotrexate) control the symptoms of ‘out-of-balance’ immune diseases. I’ve also seen the emergence of worse diseases, when these symptomatic treatments were continued too long. And the underlying ‘speed’ of the immune system was un-addressed.

The treatment of allergies due to environmental and dietary exposure in modern Western Medicine is due to the pioneering work of William Rae, MD, William Shrader, MD, and their brilliant work with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

William Rae, MD, the father of Environmental Medicine in the US, and Dr Tom discuss the preparation of ‘Autologous Lymphocytic Factor’ (ALF) used to change the perturbed memory of immune cells hyper-reactive to non-treatening amounts of toxins.

From an energetic perspective, Jim Oschman, PhD, remains the spokesperson-omsbudsman for the translating the science of modern physics to front-line medicine.

Dr Tom congratulates James Oschman, PhD, on the publication of his newest edition of his encyclopaedic book translating physics to human physiology, Energy Medicine.

Some of the therapies I’ve found particularly useful in the treatment of patients with immune imbalances are:

  • OrthoMolecular Nutriton & IV nutrient therapy
  • Genetically Personalized Diet & Detox
  • Immune tonification with hormones, immune peptides, or herbal medicine
  • LDA, aka, Low-Dose-Antigen Immunotherapy
  • UVBI, aka, UltraViolet Blood Irradiation, a form of Photo-Dynamic Therapy
  • FSM, aka, Frequency-Specific-Microcurrent
  • Acupuncture and Auricular Medicine
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Elimination, Re-Introduction, Rotation therapy
  • Dynamic Neural Retraining of Limbic System

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