Chronic Pain

Unless you’ve been in the situation of awakening every day to ongoing, nagging chronic joint pain or other pains in your body … you’ll never understand this.

What caused the original pain rarely matters in chronic pain conditions.

What does matter is how it grinds us down … the lack of sleep, the constant distraction, the fear that it will return at a most inconvenient time, and how it limits us … even when we really want to do something badly. People suffering from chronic joint pain, often described as ‘bone-on-bone’ pain, search for alternatives to narcotics and repetitive cortisone injections. What else is there ?

“Chronic pain is commonly under-appreciated as a common cause of depression, high blood pressure, GI issues, even suicide”

…. Dr Tom

There are 3 things everyone should understand about Chronic Pain

  • it’s not a Personality Defect
  • If it’s been going on for more than 6 months, the ‘pain’ is located in more than the original site of injury … it’s inside the brain, too.
  • One’s quality of life can be greatly enhanced with appropriate Regenerative Treatments

Lack of sleep changes the neurotransmitter balance in our bodies, lowering our pain threshold. Chronic Sleep disturbance undermines mood, digestion, clarity of thought, and immunity. Localized swelling or edema in the soft tissues around nerves change the electrical impulse transmission to the brain. How people self-medicate provides insights into how the brain is managing the pain input signals in order to continue to have a functional life. Restoring proper electrical signally, circulation in the smallest blood vessels, and waste removal from the lymphatics provide the foundation for repair.

Watch Dan’s video … listen to his words. He has suffered for over a decade with Chronic Pain.

Without adequate treatment, Chronic Pain conditions debilitate our relationships, our ability to contribute to the world around us. We loose touch with why we are here.

There IS hope.

While Regenerative Stem Cell injection into joints have a long history of established success in the US, they work better and some times are not required if the individual first undergoes a genetically personalized diet which can in some cases change the inflammatory response inside the joint which drives the pain response. In addition, resetting one’s metabolism with a Ketogenic Metabolic Reset, can lead to rapid and sustained decrease in the pressure of a bone-on-bone joint.

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