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You are invited to join in for Session Twelve of the ongoing online series with the Grandmothers, relatives and collaborators; LISTEN TO THE GRANDMOTHERS WISDOM: Meeting Challenging Times.  Please join us on Friday, February 12th, 2021 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm EST for a … Read More

Flu Vaccine vs COVID susceptibility, Act 2

Political Fervor becomes Legal ActionLegal becomes Judicial Sad to miss everyone this past Tuesday for our ZOOM Clinic Hour.  Everything’s OK with me & the family; sometimes I just need to catch up on paperwork and ordering supplies. During last … Read More

Is it a Good or Bad Idea to get a Flu Shot this year?

During this past Tuesday’s ZOOM, I discussed the US Armed Forces science article released in January 2020 stating the 2017-18 Influenza Vaccine increased susceptibility to Coronavirus infections causing ‘common colds’. The research didn’t make the headlines because Influenza is more deadly than Common Colds. Enter Feb-March 2020 … … Read More

Knee pain: getting a beneficial diagnosis easily …

Knee pain after prolonged sitting is a sign of poor circulation into the joint, and poor secretion of lubricating oil in the knee. I call it ‘dry knee’. Knee pain after walking, cycling, or running is a sign of acute … Read More

Considering Knee Surgery? … beware … 1 of 5 comes with a surprise bill … even with great insurance.

A fresh shock was reported in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association. Looking at nearly 350,000 common surgeries covered by insurance, approximately 1 in 5 patients were stuck with after-the-fact bills averaging $2011 without prior knowledge. Arthroscopic knee … Read More

When Fires & Evacuation surround you, do you have a Plan? This may help!

When disasters, like wildfires, surround us, we worry. With news of friends, family, and acquaintances evacuating, we become frightened. If roads we typically travel are blocked off, we become anxious. As more and more people around you say ‘they lost … Read More

Transforming Curfew into Healing by exchanging “Double-negative” into “Single Positive” speaking.

Like many cities, citizens are hitting the streets to ‘crush racism’. In Santa Cruz, CA, during a call for protestors to ‘take a knee’ in support of those challenged in these times, the Chief of Police joined in …. as … Read More

COVID Antibody Testing, now AVAILABLE, in-Clinic

If you are concerned about COVID in any manner, then you are most likely curious about getting tested. Let me dispel some confusion. Testing is a good thing. if you have NEVER been a patient in our Clinic and desire … Read More

COVID: local ‘Un-Answered Questions’ … getting ANSWERED by Stanford’s Anti-body Testing

And, HOT off the PRESS … Stanford’s study of ~3,500 people around us using AntiBody Testing …. what does it mean? Dr Tom will discuss the implications of these results Tuesday, 4/21/2020, 4:00pm Pacific Time on his Weekly ZOOM Office … Read More

REMINDER: your Zoom Doctor Aptmnt Today 4:pm

Today at 4pm,  Dr Tom Yarema will conduct “OnLine Office Hours” on a Zoom meeting.He will be discussing:  What is HERD Immunity? what are California’s stats compared to other places how to AVERT ANXIETY & Isolation how to create your future HealthCare NOW … Read More