For People Without Resources

Together, we can re-build our Community’s HealthCare now

Due to the pandemic and recent natural disasters, many families have suffered enormous economic losses. For some, this was accompanied by loss of HealthCare insurance.

Additionally, the insurance-based HealthCare delivery system, is favoring TeleMedicine online consultations for outpatient Primary Care. Many families, with loss of income or loss of homes, no longer have easy online access.

Our Clinic continues to screen all patients, every day, with appropriate infection-control measures to mitigate the spread of viral disease. We remain committed to your personalized, face-to-face, touch-based care.

As an Individual, YOU can create an Opportunity for Happiness

The mission of this donation campaign is to provide individuals without resources the opportunity and access to our Clinic’s services.

Here’s some examples of giving and their benefits:

  • a $45 donation will offset the cost of an Ionized Oxygen treatment for an individual suffering respiratory anxiety due to toxic smoke inhalation
  • a $125 donation will offset the cost of a consultation for a child with a fever and an ear infection
  • a $250 donation will offset the cost of a consultation and administration of IntraVenous Vitamin C, B-vitamins, and minerals for someone in dire need
  • a $475 donation will offset the cost of an in-office ultrasound of a joint or abdomen
  • a $675 donation will offset the cost of an initial one-hour consultation for an adult with a chronic medical condition unable to access appropriate hands-on medical care, and dispensary items which will make the greatest immediate difference
  • a $850 donation will offset the cost of suture repair of a laceration rather than going to an ER without insurance
  • a $1500 donation will offset the care for a family of 4 with non-working or un-insured patients unable to return to their home or cook their own meals, including 1 month of highest quality nutritional supplementation for each
  • a $2500 donation will offset 6-8 weeks of care for someone with multiple chemical sensitivities, food intolerances, or chronic viral infections towards a functional baseline

By clicking the ‘Donate’ button, you can chose the amount you wish to contribute. Your care and generosity goes a long way. Together, we will help countless people you may never meet.

For Those Without Resources

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Dr. Tom Yarema, M.D.

For Those Without Resources

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