Legal Defense Fund

Ensure the HealthCare You Desire and Deserve

Somethings don’t make sense … but “They sure are true”.

Many current Public HealthCare policies and Regulatory Actions threaten the practice of Medicine throughout the US today.

Your personalized medical care is based upon freedom of choice, informed consent, and a blend of reproducible science, artful application of resources, and common sense.

Protect your freedom of access to personalized medical care within your State, within your Community, within your Clinic, by the professionals your trust.

A Clinic patient, expresses her support after recent censorship of Dr Tom’s Open Zoom Hour discussing the science surrounding COVID, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and HydroxyChloroquine.

Your Clinic has been warned by the US Food & Drug Administration to cease presenting international science which informs your freedom of choice, under the guise that such information infers a cure, prevention, treatment, or mitigation of symptoms of COVID … which it states does not yet exist.

Your Clinic has been warned by the Federal Trade Commission that informing you of this science while offering highest quality, professionally vetted products such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Zinc via this website’s eCommerce infers advertising of unproven cure, prevention, treatment, or mitigation of symptoms of COVID … which the FDA states does not yet exist.

As such, we have removed from this website our Scientific Evidence pages to keep you informed, as well as eCommerce pages related to the easy purchasing of the above listed category of products.

Your Clinic’s Tuesday 5pm Open Zoom Hour with Dr Tom has been encroached by sensationalistic journalists, seeking to publicly defame the Clinic’s practices.

Protect your Freedom of Speech and your Right to Know

The goal of this Donation Campaign is legal retainer and ongoing review of published content by Regulatory Attorneys to protect your Right to Know and Dr Tom’s Freedom of Speech of his medical opinion, even if it differs from the prevailing news reporting and political vitriol.

With your help, together we can ensure the personalized and rational HealthCare you desire and deserve.

Legal Defense Fund

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Dr. Tom Yarema, M.D.

Legal Defense Fund

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