Blood Cleansing through Liver Detoxification

There are many ways to ‘cleanse the blood’. In today’s age in Conventional Medicine, blood cleansing is typically reserved for the ‘sickest of the sick’ patients.

  • blood dialysis for kidney failure
  • plasma-phoresis for uncontrolled auto-immune diseases or poisonings
  • therapeutic phlebotomy for hemochromatosis & iron overload

For Centuries, wise physicians have cleaned patients’ blood annually to improve their health.

Interestingly, the blood isn’t just a fluid that circulates … responsible for bringing oxygen and nutrients to body parts and removing waste products. It’s a living tissue, like muscle or skin is a living tissue. Ensuring proper health of blood cells (the immune cells and oxygen-delivering red blood cells) and non-cellular fluid (the dissolved minerals, transport proteins, and dissolved fats/lipids) is the foundation of Dr Tom’s healthcare M-A-P.

In our current age, even with the healthiest of lifestyles, according the the Center for Disease Control (CDC), our bodies bio-accumulate over 30,000 different toxins daily. These typically originate from:

  • air we breathe
  • water we drink
  • additives, preservatives, and pesticides in foods we eat
  • skin, hair, and beauty products

The most injurious of these are fat-soluble and bio-accumulate into our fat containing tissues, or into fat-soluble parts inside all cells. This is a major driver in the explosion of cancer cases paralleling the increase of these toxins in our environment.

Safely detoxifying them is literally a ‘Hazardous – Material’ removal process, requiring ‘balanced detoxification’.

One of the easiest ways to clean the blood is to detoxify one of the major blood-cleansing organs of the body, the liver.

To protect the health of your organs & tissues, to prevent age-related and environmental toxin-related body burden, I’ve designed a simple, convenient, effective, and affordable program to address the first step of your annual healthcare M-A-P.

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