Stem Cells/Exosomes/Regenerative Medicine

The word is out. ‘Stem Cells’ and their use in Regenerative Medicine is in the news, on the Internet, even in our local Events Calendars.

This is an area of great confusion, with difficult to understand science. And, of course, Big Pharma & the FDA is heavily involved. Curiously and fortunately, this is an occassion when I’m completely aligned and supportive of the FDA’s position.

“…the agency’s goal is to make sure Regenerative Medicine can continue to benefit patients who need new & innovative options for their problems…(the FDA) is committed to make sure these opportunities advance as quickly as possible…. (by putting in place) the framework to separate promising treatments from products that pose risks..”

— Scott Gottlieb, MD, Commissioner of FDA, August 2017

Here’s my history:  I’ve been tracking Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy since 1996, even opened my private hospital in Thailand in ’99 as an extension of my Hawaii practice to interface with whom I considered the most trustworthy regenerative stem cell surgeons of the time.

Here’s where I stand:  I’ve always felt that Regenerative Stem Cell Therapies should be ‘front-line’ therapies, offered by Primary Care Physicians.  However,  I’ve not wanted to put patients through painful harvesting of their bone marrow or fat tissue to provide Stem Cell Therapy.

Here’s where we are now:  We now have available in-Clinic Regenerative Stem Cell Therapies without painful harvesting from a safe & reliable source whom I’ve personally vetted.

Dr Tom & Dr Bruce Werber, founder and president of the source of peri-natal Stem Cells & Exosomes used in our Regenerative Medicine.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from: 

Please have them schedule a 45 minute appointment to discuss their condition and see if I might be able to help them.