‘Zoom Clinic Hours’ with Dr Tom

Join Dr Tom every Tuesdays, 4pm Pacific time, for a weekly interactive Zoom webinar where he will be giving you a weekly update from the first-hand science that he is vetting from his colleagues around the world, so that you can be empowered to support your health.

Together, we do not have to be afraid, as long as we are smart and have some fun during these interactive webinars where we will practice together some self-care techniques.

Feel free to share this with friends and family so that together, we can flatten the curve, shorten the curve, and get to the front of the Herd of Immunity.

In addition to Q & A’s in the Exclusive Access, here’s a listing of topics we’ve covered:

  • Anxiety Abatement
  • Transforming Anxiety into Meaningful Actions
  • Mastering your Emotions
  • Getting to the Front of the Herd: Testing, Converting Active Infectors to Active Immunizers
  • #1 Best Exercise for Immunity
  • How to be Health Conscious while ‘Opening Up’
  • ‘Meatless March’: your best Diet for Immunity

‘Create Your Future HealthCare Now’

Usual cost for a 30 minute consultation with Dr Tom is $250. At the price of $90/12 weeks, you have access to him in a group setting.

You also will have access to password-protected recordings of past Zoom Clinic Hour meetings, catalogued according to the topics covered, and pdf’s of published resources.

Flatten the Curve

Shorten the Curve

Get to the the Front of the Herd Immunity

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