Dr. Tom’s ZOOM Open Clinic Hour

During January 2023, Dr Tom will be addressing the most ignored unforeseen threat, and your greatest opportunity to re-build and optimize your Health.

Learn how to reset your metabolism, get rid of midsection spread, and address the common denominator of practically all diseases of Accelerated Aging.

Ask questions, get answers, and view shocking studies that describe the consequences if you don’t do something about taking back your health and wellbeing.

Based upon your questions, here’s some of the topics we covered in 2021-2022:

  • Essentials for your Home Medicine Cabinet
  • best nutrition, best nutritional supplementation for these times
  • How to use a nebulizer at home for respiratory conditions
  • the #1 Best Exercise for Immunity
  • Safe Blood transfusions in the time of Covid & Covid vaccines
  • Mastering your Emotions, Transforming Anxiety into Meaningful Actions
  • Getting out of Pain, comfortably putting off that Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Informed Consent, Censorship of Doctors, Medical Price Transparency
  • Improving Memory, Concentration, and Moods and preventing Alzheimers
  • Improving Sleep and Intentional Healing

‘Create the HealthCare you Deserve … here, now.’

Join Dr Tom every Tuesday, 5pm Pacific time, for a weekly interactive Zoom webinar where he will be giving you a weekly update from the first-hand science that he is vetting from his colleagues around the world, so that you can be empowered to support your health.