COVID Antibody Testing, now AVAILABLE, in-Clinic

If you are concerned about COVID in any manner, then you are most likely curious about getting tested.

Let me dispel some confusion. Testing is a good thing.

  • if you have NEVER been a patient in our Clinic and desire COVID TESTING, click here
  • if you are an ESTABLISHED patient, currently undergoing treatments, click here.
  • If you are an ESTABLISHED patient, who has not been in the Clinic during the past 3-4 months, click here.
  • If you are a NEW PATIENT, and you desire COVID Testing during your initial Physical Exam click here.

Is testing Reliable?

In order for testing to be VALUABLE, the test has to be a reliable test.

The test kit we are using, as of April 22, 2020, in the Clinic is:

  • FDA-registered test as of March 26, 2020
  • results in 15 minutes
  • painless, finger-stick blood draw
  • the highest combined sensitivity & specificity of both IgM and IgG antibody testing

Why can’t I test at Home?

And, the results have to be INTERPRETED by someone knowledgable about the testing.

Due to the complexities of interpretation, the FDA is not sanctioning ‘home-test kits’ yet. I agree with this.

COVID Antibody Testing
Looks easy, right? ‘Dr Google’ isn’t going to help much here. Correct interpretation will require knowing your medical history, your baseline immunity, the timing of any potential exposure, the timing of antibody production, what things interfere with test results or your antibody production … then, what’s the ‘best next step’ given your results.

After your test results are available, I will discuss:

  • what the results mean
  • how reliable the results are for you
  • do you need to be concerned or not
  • if any further testing is needs and the cost & timing of such
  • how you can improve your individual immunity and the immunity of ‘your herd’
  • if symptomatic, what may help to complete your recovery

How to take Meaningful Action

If you are a New Patient, and wish to schedule an appointment for your testing, click here

If you are an Established Patient undergoing current treatments, we can test you during your treatment and we will schedule time to go over the results. Please mention your desire for testing if we don’t mention it.

If you are an Established Patient, but haven’t been into the Clinic for 3-4 months, and wish to be tested, click here.

Thank you for your partnership in getting tested. As a physician who weathered the AIDS epidemic in ER’s and the SARS epidemic in Hawaii, I am committed to ‘Driving the Herd Immunity Forward’ without waiting the proverbial ’18 months’ for a commercially available vaccine.

What MORE can I do?

To keep track of my week-by-week recommendations on how we can each take action to end this dillemna as quickly as possible, please join me for “ZOOM Clinic Hour with Dr Tom” every Tuesday, 5pm Pacific time. Click here for more information.

Together, we can build the future HealthCare we wish for, beginning now.