Digestive Health

Digestive health is one of the three cornerstones of the integrated wellness plan that I use to reverse chronic health conditions, along with boosting the immune system and improving metabolism. Many illnesses have not only to do with what you are eating, but also how well your body is breaking them down, making your digestive system a foundation of health. My approach to digestive health is the same as my philosophy to health in general: restore your system to optimal functioning, and then let the body’s innate power of healing take over and reverse your condition.

What Kind of Digestive Conditions Do I Treat?

From irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to constipation and acid reflux, your body’s digestive system can suffer from chronic conditions that cause daily discomfort and even lower your overall health. These can contribute to more serious conditions like diabetes and cancer. Because I use an integrated self-referential approach to treating digestive conditions, the aim of my treatments is always to put people back in touch with what is going on with their bodies physically, mentally and spiritually, especially as it relates to their digestion.

How Do I Treat Digestive Problems?

While much of modern western medicine focuses on fighting illness through everything “anti” (from anti-biotics to anti-inflammatory meds), I want to concentrate on the pros. Using personalized probiotics that are selected based on your individual conditions, along with nutritional recommendations designed to promote healthy digestion, we are going to accelerate your own innate healing process in a nourishing way. When my patients get that uplifting feeling of their own vitality flowing all kinds of healings can take place, even with conditions they’ve suffered through for years.