Immunity Support

When your immune system is not up to speed, it is not only easier to catch colds and the flu, it is also much harder for your body to overcome chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes. That’s why providing high-level immune support is one of the three main areas of treatment here at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, along with digestive health and metabolism support. The immune system itself, when restored to its optimal state, can often reverse serious diseases and conditions on its own.

What Exactly Does the Immune System Do?

The immune system addresses diseases and imbalances as they happen, sending out hormones and inflammatory responses to damaged or infected tissue as soon as something gets off-kilter. But because the immune system itself is a complex network of interacting bodily functions, if it is not in a harmonious state, it can lower your resistance to outside diseases and cause a variety of chronic conditions, which are known as auto-immune disorders. These illnesses—everything from allergies to Grave’s Disease to cancer—are due to the failure of your immune system to recognize your own tissue and, instead, fighting it like an invader.

What Kind of Immune Support Therapies Do We Use?

All of my treatment plans begin with an in-depth, personalized consultation where we can also do some basic diagnostic work to pinpoint where your immune system may be behind a particular condition. Then, together, we design a diet, supplement and lifestyle plan that takes into account various physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your overall health to get your immune system in top working condition. When your immune system is functioning at its best alongside a healthy digestive system and an optimal metabolism, many chronic conditions simply clear up of their own accord.