Is it a Good or Bad Idea to get a Flu Shot this year?

During this past Tuesday’s ZOOM, I discussed the US Armed Forces science article released in January 2020 stating the 2017-18 Influenza Vaccine increased susceptibility to Coronavirus infections causing ‘common colds’. The research didn’t make the headlines because Influenza is more deadly than Common Colds. Enter Feb-March 2020 … enter the ‘Novel’ COVID Coronavirus. The Pandemic’s COVID coronavirus is NOT merely a Common Cold.

Flu Shots may increase Susceptibility to CoronaViruses

There have been a number of rebuttals published since the January paper, with authors declaring their ‘competing interest’ of Vaccine industry funding.

 If you’d like, you can try to decipher the argument by reading the first article here, and the rebuttal here

Both authors would agree in principle:  specific vaccines can induce such a specific immunity that other germs compete to fill the void.  This is called “loss of Non-Specific Immunity“.  

Non-Specific Immunity is the broadest spectrum immunity an individual’s body can generate.  It typically occurs with natural exposure to low level germs in an environment by healthy people. 

If you missed the Tuesday ZOOM Clinic Hour, we discussed Italy’s use of a highly focused super-flu vaccine immediately before the Pandemic, contrasted with India’s use of BCG, the global TB-vaccine, for ‘Non-Specific Immune Stimulation‘.      

These are certainly complex issues.  And for me, when things are SO complex, I defer to the safest, cleanest, time-honored therapy … one I can TRUST. 

During the ZOOM, I explained the history of the simplest, safest, time-tested Non-Specific Immune Stimulation therapies available.   

Here’s what I’m recommending and how it’s done: 

Quite simply, a small amount of blood is removed from the vein, mixed with sterile saline, then with sterile ionized oxygen to activate the white blood cells, and then injected under the skin.

To anything you have already been exposed, you now have a
stronger, natural immunity.

This injection takes about 15 minutes in the office, and is completely devoid of any toxic ingredients.  To learn about it, watch the replay of the ZOOM Clinic Hour.

To support your health during this Flu Season, I recommend Non-Specific Immune Stimulation on a regular basis, according to your individual immune status. 

I feel so strongly about this, I’m offering 50% off the usual price of this service if you schedule on Tuesdays between 10:30am and 1pm.

50% OFF the usual price

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The usual cost of Non-Specific Immune Stimulation injections is $145.  

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This offer will only be good during Flu Season 2020-21.

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