I’ve been dreaming to meet this Expert…

Quite some time ago, I literally dreamed of treating different acupuncture points with lights of different colors and sounds to create a momentum of healing energy within the meridian system.

Around the same time, while doing some esoteric high-tech science literature research to see what Universities were working on that might trickle down to my Clinic, I came across the separation of exosomes using acoustic waves.

Then, I stumbled across 50 years of lost research on the ‘Bong-han’ channels … research that documented the tissue that carried exosomes of DNA fragments which seemed to correlate perfectly with the internal organ acupuncture meridians.

I then became blessed to be personally introduced to the Founder and Director of the International Society for Laser Medical Applications out of Germany. Within days, blessed a second time in meeting the individual whom resurrected the 50 years of lost research from South Korea and validated the research in modern times.

I am now participating in an international collaboration of physician researchers and PhD’s, committed to applying these new technologies in the ‘front-line’ practice of General Medicine.

Stay tuned.