Metabolism Support

Your body’s metabolism rate regulates your body fat as well as the amount of energy you have at the cellular level. Many chronic diseases, from diabetes to heart conditions, are directly linked to your metabolism—when you are not burning and storing energy correctly, your entire system can get out of balance. Metabolism support is one of the three main pillars of integrative health therapy we offer here at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, along with digestive health and immune system optimization.

How Does Metabolism Affect Health?

When your metabolism is functioning at its best, the communication between your cells and your brain that tell your body how much energy to consume in terms of calories works correctly. When an imbalance occurs, this communication becomes upset, and your body begins to crave more calories. This leads to fat gain, especially around the mid-section. Because your metabolism also affects your body’s hormonal production, this out-of-balance state can also lead to increased insulin in the blood and then to diabetes as well as increased cholesterol, which can lead to heart attacks.

What Kind of Metabolism Support Do I Use?

The first step that all my patients undergo is a complete and extensive evaluation process where we can get a deep look at your illness or condition and its underlying factors. Then we come up with a personalized diet and supplement-based program together based on your individual needs aimed at restoring your original peak metabolism rate. When your body is burning energy efficiently and not storing excess, you regain a natural vitality that you will feel flowing through your body—that means that you are on the path to healing yourself.