‘Retire the Pandemic’ with New Patients appearing on your schedule without effort

New Patients are the Life Blood of a Practice

It’s common for physicians to follow their passion, learn new techniques, invest in new tools … and not have patients to practice the new skills they have learned.

It’s common for a practice to treat patients, nurturing them until they are well … then watch those patients lapse into an ‘inactive’ category.

It’s common for physicians to fail at enticing inactive patients into new beneficial therapies.

The Pandemic has oriented patients to a new type of medicine …. “Tele-Medicine”.

While TeleMedicine has its limitations, it’s here to stay. It can be a significant service offering for your patients. And, it can be a low margin lucrative income center for your practice.

If you haven’t added TeleMedicine to your Practice, you’re behind the times

Telemedicine’s convenient for patients. They don’t have to wait in a waiting room, they still get ‘listened’ to, and they often get the prescription they want.

For physicians who love face-to-face medicine, who enjoy procedures, and already have in-office tools and equipment, adopting telemedicine can be challenging.

Unless, the problems you are solving fulfill the passion which brought you into medicine initially.

Passion + TeleMedicine can invigorate your Practice

Why DID you go into medicine? Service to others? To make a good income? To solve the puzzles of diagnosis & therapy?

What ARE the clinical puzzles demanded by the times?

Where IS the medicine-of-the-future going?

How will you serve … and how will you connect to them?

Internet searching has changed how patients locate their doctor

The two most common sources of new patients to an integrative medicine practice is (1) word of mouth, and (2) the internet.

Internet doctor-shoppers, fall into 2 broad categories: those looking for a bargain ‘because they have to get something done’ like a school physical. Or, those looking for a specific solution to a specific problem they have already figured out by asking Dr Google.

Enjoy dozens of New Patients delivered directly to your scheduling calendar each month

  • patients who already value the style of your practice
  • cash-based payors only
  • directly delivered to you without marketing
  • pre-paying for their services
  • pre-completing your New Patient Intake forms
  • the patient becomes ‘yours’ after your first consult
  • you set the days and times of your availability for consultation

Typically, clinicians join after realizing the ‘top-down’ narrative is incomplete or imbalanced in preventing and treating individuals with Covid-19. They also appreciate, as individuals with a responsibility to our patients, we now have tools and collegial experience which have informed us of expanded options for prevention, post-exposure protection, and early treatment to retire the Pandemic. Many are committed to continuity of care extending to risk factor reduction and enhancement of quality of life beyond the Pandemic.

There are an ever-increasing number of critically minded, well-informed patients searching online for independently thinking healthcare providers who can support them and their families in the safest and best means possible. Numerous independent online directories connect these individuals with the RetireThePandemic clinicians.

What’s expected is good medicine. It begins with authentic listening to the individual patient’s specific Covid Concern, then practicing simple straightforward clinical medicine: informed consent, appropriate medical evaluation, risk-benefit evaluation, and description of options for prevention, early treatment, and post-exposure protection. Patients expect attentiveness, compassion, professionalism, and timeliness. TeleMedicine consultations provide convenience for the patients.

We provide scientific references and clinical decision trees to inform your patient management. We also provide templates of chart notes, prescriptions, and operational flowsheets to ground your own unique practice of medicine.

Absolutely! Once you have addressed the patient’s initial Covid Concern, they are your patient to manage as you see fit.

The risk is no greater than any other aspect of medicine. There is nothing illegal or unethical in attending patients and offering your most professional opinion and enabling their best care.

Patients pre-pay for your services on their initial scheduling. A portion of their pre-payment funds the RetireThePandemic platform to connect them with you and your services. Once you consult with them, they become your patients, subject to your own Fee Schedule.

To begin the application process, you submit a copy of your state licensure and non-controlled prescribing privilege, along with a $250 application fee. After receiving, we conduct a 30 minute Discovery Session to determine how to best fit the new patients into your current practice. We then create your HIPAA-compliant IT portal for communication, scheduling, completing new patient intake forms, and eScript service. We also provide guidance on efficient telemedicine scripts, and operational flowsheets.