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Oxytocin often called the “Love Hormone” … has been reported to decrease consumption, withdrawal, and drug-seeking behavior associated with several drugs of abuse.

In a study published this year, oxytocin had effects on GABA, the relaxation neurotransmitter, and the central nucleus of the amygdala in the brain. The amygdala’s central nucleus links external sensory inputs to the emotional response of our internal organs.

Detatchment … Loneliness … Feeling Unloved

underlies a great number of Distressing & Difficult to Diagnose

Health Debilities.

–Dr Tom

The most commonly appreciated sensory link to the emotional response of internal organs is the ‘let-down’ of breast milk, which we know is due to oxytocin. According to the Ancient Medical systems of Traditional Oriental Medicine & Ayurveda, all organs respond emotionally to sensory input.

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