Pain Relief

From lower back pain and arthritis to heart burn and headaches, chronic pain is one of the most common conditions that people come to me with. While some people have pain caused by a specific accident or condition, many have simply been told they need to learn to live with chronic pain and have been prescribed meds to do so. It’s truly sad to see how many people are hooked on pain medication in the U.S. right now, when many of them could be pain free naturally. Here at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, we go after the underlying issues of chronic pain to reverse it at its source.

What are the Real Causes of Chronic Pain?

Besides pain due to injury and infection, a lot of chronic pain is caused by the inflammatory response, which is a function of the immune system. With my three-pronged approach to natural health, which includes immune support, alongside digestive health and metabolic support, my aim is restore your body’s own natural system of self-regulation and eliminate the cause of the unnecessary pain response. Stress and other lifestyle factors are also a large part of this, which is why I focus on the physical, the mental and the spiritual all at the same time.

What Does Our Pain Relief Treatment Consist Of?                  

I like to start each relationship with my patients with an evaluation that usually includes some simple physical diagnostics as well as a talk about their diet and lifestyle. Then together we will come up with a treatment plan that addresses inflammation and pain through diet, supplements, stress coping mechanisms, and immune support strategies aimed at getting your body as strong and healthy as possible. When your natural vitally is flowing at high levels, pain and inflammation is not necessary and usually subside on its own.