Prescription Refills and Re-Supplies

Having your medicine easily at-hand is important to you, and to us. 

You need it when you need it; we need to know what you have is correct, appropriate, and without interference with other medicines, herbs, and nutrients/foods. 

In the past year, an increasingly number of issues have complicated a previously easy process:

  • lack of raw materials for drugs & supplements
  • manufacturing back orders
  • counterfeits
  • FDA recalls and sanctioning
  • Inferior quality substitutions requiring dosage changes
  • delays in shipping
  • shipments being seized at borders and returned to sender for unclear reasons

These complications have burdened our process of resupplying your medications. 

We remain committed to supplying you with highest quality, personally vetted medicines of all forms … whether pharmaceutical, herbal, nutritional, or food-based. 

As per your signed Fee Schedule with Dr Tom, filling a prescription request outside a consultation is subject to a $75 charge per request. 

In order to restock our shelves with needed medicines, payment must be received before we can ship your prescription. 

To help us refill your supply, the following will streamline your request:

  • all medicine requests should be emailed to ‘’
  • please, no texting and no phone messages to our answering service, as this just causes further delay & burdening
  • include in your email:
    • if a prescription pharmaceutical, the phone number & name of the Pharmacy you would like to use
    • if a routine prescription renewal, the name of medicine, strength, how many you are taking per day, and how much of a supply you’d like us to furnish
    • attaching a photo of the medicine and its label to your email helps ensure clarity
    • your shipping address and your desired method of shipping
    • any special request for expedited/overnight shipping
    • your payment method if you are obtaining your medicine from us

We will email you when your Rx has been transmitted to your Pharmacy.

If your medicine is shipped from our office, we will endeavor to forward you a tracking number so you can see where your medicine is after your request. 

In spite of the challenges of these times, we remain committed to supporting your health in the least stressful and most affordable manner. 

Your attention to these details, at the time of your request, will help us meet this goal.