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Metabolism is rarely understood by most people. We intuitively know that it is somehow linked to energy, body weight, and fat stores. For many of us, during our youth, we didn’t worry about excess weight. Our body form managed itself.

For those of us who have suffered ‘mid-section spread’ during our adult years, we often blame our weight gain on the aging process. We believe our metabolic efficiency decreases as we age. Thus, mid-section fat gain is tied to aging.

For those who of us who do have a sense of one’s metabolism, we often don’t understand the factors which control our ability to alter it.

The truth is: regardless of age, you can control your metabolism far more than you ever imagined.

Animals in the wild metabolically reboot regularly. Did you know, only humans and their domesticated pets suffer from obesity, heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes? Think about it: when was the last time you saw a morbidly overweight squirrel, rabbit, deer in the wild?

Humans and their domesticated pets, compared to mammals in the wild, have lost their metabolic reboot. When metabolism fails to reboot regularly, hibernation sets in. And it doesn’t leave.

In just three weeks, Sara has seen a dramatic improvement in her health conditions as a result of the metabolic reboot taught in the GetYourBodyBack program.

Humans have lost their innate wisdom to shed hibernation fat.

Wild animals eat different things in different seasons. This seasonal dietary change naturally reboots their metabolic system. They shed their hibernation fat in the late Winter-early Spring, then grow into their sexual and reproductive potency in Spring-Summer.

Year after year, wild animals reboot their metabolism. When was the last time you rebooted yours?

We all know seemingly healthy individuals who have a “spare tire” around their middle, or those who have high blood pressure, cholesterol issues or a range of other body issues. They eat well, work out, and seemingly have a healthly lifestyle. However, they never lose the stubborn midsection bulge or improve the conditions that plague them.

What is the difference between these individuals and those who don’t have extra weight around their middle or other underlying conditions? Metabolic reboot.

Can humans re-learn to manage metabolism and prevent Accelerated Aging?

GYBB is a medical intervention to (1) get your metabolism into top shape, (2) understand what metabolism truly is,and (3) learn how to manage the oscillatory phenomenon of human metabolism for your lifetime.

You get just one body in this lifetime. It’s time to create the body you want.

Most ‘weight loss diets’ are shifts to healthy foods and healthy lifestyles and produce only limited results in rebooting one’s metabolism.

The GetYourBodyBack Program is a medical intervention to slow, stop, and reverse the common denominator of failure to lose hibernation fat: Insulin Resistance and Fatty Liver.

In general, no. Just as mammals in the wild don’t use pharmaceuticals to shed their hibernation fat, the GYBB Program harnesses the innate power of mammalian physiology to both shed hibernation fat and reboot metabolic rate of burning calories.

In some cases, we uncover individuals who have injured their internal organs due to longterm ‘deferred maintenance’ of metabolism and medications can assist mitigating this injury.

Mammals in the wild oscillate between vibrant metabolisms and hibernating metabolisms, largely due to the change in the composition and ratios of the ingredients in their diets.

Under Dr Tom’s guidance, GYBB participants are advised on specific food ingredients, amounts, and ratios to consume to achieve a metabolic reboot.

Wild mammals don’t go the gym to lose their hibernation fat. They reboot their metabolism, then their activity increases.

Exercises which move blood and make you breathe well are enough to get you started if you are not used to exercising or if you haven’t been able to exercise due to pain.

If you are already exercising, you can continue. If you spend a significant period of your week exercising, Dr Tom will instruct you accordingly.

The GYBB Program requires participants to eat a prescribed number of times per day, at prescribed times, meals & snacks of specific ingredients, of specific amounts, of specific ratios.

Participants are required to drink a precribed amount of water or herbal tea per day. If you drink coffee, you may continue 1-2 cups per day. A specific amount of quality olive oil will be prescribed on a daily basis.

A diet log will be kept daily, and body measurements to track progress will be made at home weekly. Both will need to be submitted digitally, by fax, or my mail to the office weekly.

Participants progress through 3 Phases. Phase 1 is strict and requires 110% participation. As the Program evolves, some leeway is allowed within reason. Because the Program operates on the Mind as well as the Body, we ask you to be open-minded to the possibilities of what your life may become.

The GetYourBodyBack Program continues until the individual has met the goals of their metabolic reboot, followed by their transitioning back to their normal healthy diet and lifestyle.

There are 16 teleseminars which will be presented on a weekly basis; however, some participants will meet their goals sooner or later than 16 weeks.

The teleseminars consist of 45 minutes of teaching and 45 minutes of liver-interaction with Dr Tom and other participants for tips, resources, and group support.

Each teleseminar will be recorded and posted in Dr Tom’s un-censorable Digital Library. Cohort interaction, accountability, and support will be through a member’s forum. An online store will foster easy re-ordering of essential supplies.

No problem. The Program is highly transportable.

No problem. We’ve taken this into account. We’ve also taken into account if you are a complete ‘foodie’ or gourmet chef.

Insulin Resistance is the mechanism through which almost all diseases of Accelerated Aging occur. Reversing Insulin Resistance lowers sub-acute inflammation in the blood, and decreases accumulation of Advanced Glycation End-products in tissues–compounds which lead to early tissue degeneration.

Not only does your metabolism determine your body’s lean muscle mass-to-fat ratio, it also regulates many other aspects of your overall health: breathing, spinal alignment, decreased loading of the cartilage of the knees and hips, lymphatic mobilization to mitigate lower extremity edema & pelvic congestion, opening the door for hormonal rejuvenation and enhanced sexual performance.

The Program also enhances mental cognition, memory, focus, and attention. It alleviates food cravings and roller-coastering of blood sugar and mood oscillations. It improves self-image and attractiveness to others.

People around you will be remarking about the changes they see in you.

Laboratory tests, if available, will objectify changes in blood lipids and cholesterol. Inflammatory markers will likely fall. Your objective body measurements will authenticate what your clothes are telling you.


The GYBB Program provides an interactive group forum for camaraderie, trouble-shooting, tips, recipes, supportive encouragement AND humor.

By nature, GYBB requires a small degree of self-vulnerability which promotes self-empathy, and connection. This enhances the “we’re in this together” experience that makes all of the elements of GYBB work even better.

When executed as per Dr Tom’s recommendations, the Program is incredibly safe. There are no untested practices, no risky pharmaceuticals, or damaging procedures.

Dr Yarema has been conducting this Program for over 12 years, all across the US.

When combined with education, monitoring and development of a healthy metabolic system, great things can happen.

Check out some of Dr Tom’s patient videos to hear their story, in their words.

Yes! Because Dr Tom believes in holistic health and healing, GetYourBodyBack is a robust program that includes both informational and physical aspects. This includes access to hand-picked, professionally-vetted supplements through an online store, invitations to special virtual events and programs and prioritization for appointments with the Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine.

Because of the limited size of the cohort and to deliver personalized services, we cannot take all interested parties. Every interested individual must Pre-Qualify

There are 3 steps to the Pre-Qualification Process: (1) complete your Persoanl Metabolic Assessemnt, (2) undergo a 30 minute interview by our staff; (3) Dr Tom’s evaluation of any existing medical conditions.

Because of the labor intensity of the Pre-Qualification Process, we ask for $700 NO-RISK Deposit towards your Program Tuition of $3200. If you do not qualify for the program, or Dr Tom believes you will have greater success after attending to other medical concerns first, they we will gladly refund fully your deposit, or credit towards personalized services at the Clinic.

The 2023 Program begins February 15th.

No, the Zoom Open Clinic Hour will continue for all visitors, whether patients or not, on Tuesdays, 5:00pm PST.

The GYBB Program will go live another evening of the week, also via Zoom, to qualified participants.

All weekly teleseminars will be recorded, and available for viewing on a specific GYBB video portal.

We are prepared to service participants throughout the US.

No issues here. Many have successfully completed the Program while travelling.

After completion, you will have in experiential knowledge and the cognitive information to manage your metabolism for your lifetime. Humans, however, are curious mammals.

We recommend you re-enter the Program annually for a shorter period annually for the first 3 years after your initial Program. And, we will contact you with reminders..

We also have a second program, our Metabolic Enhancement Program, which allows participants who have reached their goal to master the principles of Metabolic Flexibility for a lifetime.

Karalee, inspite of a heathly lifestyle, has significant concerns for her heart. Listen to her story, and appreciate the unexpected BONUS benefit at the end.

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