Re-Visioning Medicine

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Today, HealthCare in the US is in disarray:  the 

  • lack of personalized treatment, 
  • focus on pharmaceutical dependency rather than cure, and
  • lack of price-transparency 

creates frustration, resentment, undermines faith, and derails healing.

Our current media culture (digital, internet, and social) is filled with opportunities to share information with others.  Sometimes this connects us; unfortunately, often times it increases isolation.

Don’t you agree?

‘True connection’ …. that is, connection which inspires rather than ‘fires us up’ is a treasure.  Remember the last time you re-unioned with a long-lost friend and picked up exactly with where you left off … Imagine suddenly finding others with which you can connect deeply.

I invite you to a treasured event of connection, inspiration, and healing … please click to see event flyer

This weekend, my dear friend & colleague, Dr Naz Motayar is hosting a remarkable healing guide, Deena Metzger, in a weekend program entitled, Re-Visioning Medicine.  For years, the ReVisioning Medicine Council has built communities of healing, missing from our culture of modern medicine.

I, personally, have Re-Envisioned Medicine with Deena, Naz, and their Council and whole-heartedly support this work.  My experience was, and continues to be, deeply valuable to me.

If you, or someone you love, is lonely and suffering from:

  • dis-stress
  • dis-ease
  • dis-ability
  • dis-approval 
  • dis-content
  • dis-grace
  • dis-cord 
  • dis-figurement
  • dis-respect

please share this opportunity with them.  Perhaps join them in support on their journey.

This Council is guided by peoples whose life calling is fostering communities of deep healing.  You will take away principles and practices which will impact your connection to yourself,  your family and friends.  

Their next event is Saturday, November 16th – Sunday, November 17th, 2019.  See attached flyer for specific details.

Together we can make the world a healing place for all concerned.

Click here to stay informed of future events of the Re-Visioning Medicine Council in both Northern and Southern California areas: