REMINDER: your Zoom Doctor Aptmnt Today 4:pm

Today at 4pm,  Dr Tom Yarema will conduct “OnLine Office Hours” on a Zoom meeting.
He will be discussing: 

  • What is HERD Immunity?
  • what are California’s stats compared to other places
  • how to AVERT ANXIETY & Isolation
  • how to create your future HealthCare NOW
  • COVID TESTING at home

This week’s meeting, on  4/14 Tuesday, is COMPLIMENTARY…. you can join at no charge.
Click here, or the button below,  shortly before  4:pm TODAY to access the Zoom meeting.

The registration fee for 3 months of weekly OnLine Office Hours is normally $295.  
We’ve discounted this to $90 for 3 months, due to the urgency and need of the times. 
Warmly, Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine

Scheduling is now easy on-line, go to: receive text message reminders of your appointment time and day.