Results-Driven, Personalized Solutions

Since I have studied both traditional, medical-school medicine and a variety of natural health modalities, I can draw from a wide range of different treatment options to come up with a unique personalized plan for my patients, one that is built on the proven results of past successes. My three step process is streamlined and highly efficient but completely custom to the individual needs of my clients.

Step One: The Intake

I don’t like to start thinking about the specifics of the treatment plan before I have had an in-depth consultation with the patient about their issues. In this primary evaluation we will talk about your medical history, your dietary and lifestyle habits and explore any mental or spiritual sources of stress you may have before moving forward.

Step Two: The Diagnostics

Although I can often discern much about the cause of your condition from asking questions and observing you physically, I also employ state-of-the-art and traditional diagnostic techniques to get readings about some of your most important vital signs. Using live blood test analysis, which almost all doctors used up until the beginning of the 20th century, I can examine the health of your blood cells. With Galvanic energy screening and bio impedic tests, I can then pick up some useful clues about what needs to be done to restore your natural vitality levels.

Step Three: The Treatment

I use both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese plants and remedies alongside the best modern supplements, such as high-quality probiotics, to stimulate your body’s innate healing abilities. By correcting imbalance and malfunction in the digestive and immune systems as well as working towards optimum metabolism levels, we are aiming to bring you up to a high level of health where your illness resolves itself naturally.