Genetically Personalized Diet

Genetically Personalized Diet

Each indigenous healing tradition from each cradle of civilization said the same thing:

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

The science of ‘medical dietology’ is quite complex and has been largely lost over the centuries. And modern foods are not necessarily what our ancestors ate.

Genetically Personalized Diet

To further complicate things, although most people would agree ‘You Are What You Eat’ … what is actually more accurate is ‘You are What you Digest and Assimilate’.

Fortunately, modern laboratory testing like the Heidelberg Capsule Direct Stomach Acid Test, the ALCAT Food Intolerance & Allergy Test, the Anti-Gliadin profile, and the GI Micro-biome Map give us great insight into how well you are digesting & assimilating.

And, yes …. genetics as well as how well you are digesting & assimilating … plays into our specific medicinal diet plans.

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