Sleep is essential for proper immune function.

This fact fuels our commitment to promote sleep for the health benefits you can only get by sleeping. It is THE time to revitalize your mind and body for rest and recovery, to feel revitalized and healthy, to stop listening to stressful news, and just relax to revive…to survive. 

Sleep is the ultimate act of self care.

Do what you can to remain in charge of YOU!  When others depend upon you, it is also pure selflessness to prioritize your sleep so you can stand strong for the people who lean on you for support.

We like to think of self care as the way to show our love for other people and the planet. So, while you wash your hands for the 100th time today, make a vow to go to bed a little earlier or sleep a little later. 

Sleep 8 & feel great!

(…well, okay, maybe not great…but definitely better than if you slept less.)