Strengthen & Balance your Immunity in Dr Tom’s ImmuneGym

Most people can easily describe how their energy is, how their digestion is, or how their metabolism is. Few people can describe how their Immunity is at any particular moment.

The best they can say is, “well, I never get colds.”

COVID has taught us some important lessons. We have all heard or read about seemingly healthy people being hospitalized, or worse, from COVID. but what is the difference between those who fall ill and those who have seemingly minor symptoms? Immune strength.

Now, there is a solution from Dr. Tom: ImmuneGym

ImmuneGym is a place to 1) understand what Immunity truly is, 2) get your Immunity into top shape, and 3) have a coach show you exactly how well you are doing and what should be worked on in the future.

If you have suffered from frequent colds, infections, allergies, food intolerances, chronic viral conditions or Lyme disease, auto-immune conditions, or cancer, ImmuneGym will provide a roadmap for strengthening your body’s protective barriers, its communicative functions, while freeing up energy for the expression of you true spirit. No matter how long you have been suffering, there is hope.

The benefits of ImmuneGym are both tangible and intangible. Tangibly, improvements in immunity are typically demonstrated in blood markers of immune cells and communication molecules, and the improvement of objective markers of body form. Intangibly, one experiences greater energy, improved mental clarity, expanding resiliency to external & internal stressors, faster wound healing, and enhanced regenerative activity of stem cells.

You betcha! ImmuneGym maintains a private FaceBook group for dialogue, shared exercises, and support. By nature, immune enhancement requires a small degree of self-vulnerability which promotes self-empathy, and connection among cohorts.

Absolutely! There is no personal safety risk involved in ImmuneGym. There are no untested practices here or risky procedures. This is simply the education, monitoring and development of a healthy immune system. Check out some of Dr Tom’s patient videos below.

Only your participation. Like so many things in life, ImmuneGym is a place where you will get more out of it when you put more into it. By participating regularly, submitting your unique personal data and following along with the group, you’ll find benefits you can apply to your own health as well as the ability to share information with those around you.

Absolutely. ImmuneGym is a robust program that includes both informational and physical aspects. It includes discounts on auto-ship of hand-picked, professionally vetted supplements, invitations to special virtual events and programs and prioritization for appointment with the Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine.

If your insurance pays for virtual telemedicine health and fitness education by licensed professionals, it will cover ImmuneGym. ImmuneGym is an educational program so check with your insurance provider for coverage details.

If you follow the program as explained and use the tools as outlined, you will see improvement in your immunity markers.

If you are not actively infected, communicable, or shedding virus, you can consult face-to-face with Dr Tom at his clinic. Scheduling is best done by clicking here.

In this video clip, the word “miracle” is used to describe a sudden, unexpected, benevolent occurrence. When healing is sourced from nature, and proper tools from the physical to the spiritual are employed, what we call miracles appear.

No matter your station in life, we often come to a cross-road: a time to take action. Delay in maintenance of health or immunity costs you your joy in living. Your liveliness and vitality is worth your time, effort and money.

For centuries, legendary individuals named Reishi’s, illuminated the spirit and soul of others, gifting them with deep insight and perspective to move forward in a healing manner for their lives. Reishi, literally means: “one who looks inward as well as outward” and is a discipline we can all cultivate. Here Dr Tom reflects his insights into our Immune Anatomy after watching early springtime water flow in an otherwise dry riverbed at Pacine National Park.

Continuing on the theme of looking inward, this perspective can be fostered by microscopy of our living tissue. The most readily available is a drop of blood, taken from the finger and quickly transferred to a microscope slide while still alive. Using tangential lighting, 3-dimensional detail can be observed from the cast shadows. Observing the microcosm gives insight into the communication within the macrocosm. Listen to this individual’s glee over her insight.