During the COVID pandemic, we will be sourcing, stocking, and shipping for your home-use products personally vetted by Dr Tom for their Immuno-Supportive effects.

These products are especially chosen for their safety, purity, scientific-basis-of-effectiveness, with attention to affordability and stability of the supply chain.

The science behind each of these products is described briefly below. For additional COVID articles of scientific importance in this evolving landscape, click here.

These products are tiered according to usage:

  • improving immunity of the tissues most susceptible to COVID viral attack
  • improving immune response once the virus has entered the body
  • improving immune response after one experiences respiratory symptoms or fatigue
  • improving immune response for those whom are at high risk for moderate-to-severe COVID disease

They are also grouped according to

  • oral capsules, oral powder, oral tea, or home-use injectables
  • nutraceutical, herbal, and pharmaceuticals
  • those available without a prescription, those requiring a prescription

Individuals considered HIGH – RISK include:

  • immuno-suppressed individuals (HIV-positive, recent cancer chemotherapy or radiation, congenital or acquired immune-deficiency states, Chronic Lyme disease, individuals with ongoing immuno-suppressive therapies, eg, ongoing prednisone, methotrexate, or NSAID use for auto-immune or chronic pain conditions
  • diabetes, type 1 and type 2
  • chronic lung disease (emphysema/COPD, interstitial lung fibrosis, asthmatics on steroid inhalers)
  • chronic heart disease (angina/coronary artery disease, ischemic heart disease), high blood pressure
  • chronic multi-organ disease

Given the constraints of the delivery systems around us and the rapidity in which a COVID infection can progress, I recommend each and every family stock the ‘COVID Supplement Protection Pack’ .

COVID Supplement Protection Pack

COVID Supplement Protection Pack


Three of these are for PREVENTION … They are safe for the entire family, from age 6 to 106.

  • Vitamin C, aka Ascorbic Acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Golden Flower tea

The Silver Flower capsules are for EARLY TREATMENT. This is not to be confused with PREVENTION. It is designed to ‘buy time’ during a RAPID ONSET of symptoms, especially if one feels ‘short of breath’ or ‘winded with minor exertion’ until you can access appropriate medical care.

When you purchase the COVID Supplement Protection Pack, you will receive appropriate instructions on dosages based upon age of individual.

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you may order individually

  • Ascorbic Acid” is a fancy name for Vitamin C. Popularized by Nobel Prize Laureate, Linus Pauling, it has long been known in OrthoMolecular Medicine to be a valuable anti-viral agent both orally and intra-venously. It’s anti-viral effect is thought to be due to it’s ability to increase anti- and pro-oxidant cycling. In 1996, I presented my research to both the South American OrthoMolecular Medical Association for Free Radical Chemistry and the International Oxidative Medicine Association, demonstrating its cyclical anti-oxidant and pro-oxidant effect. I have administered literally thousands of IV Vitamin C drips without adverse effect. Currently, IV Vitamin C is under clinical trials in Shanghai for COVID hospitalized patients. Click here to read March 16, 2020 reporting of findings. Orally, some folks will develop a laxative effect with a large 1-time a day dose. Spreading a 5 to 10 gram dosage out throughout the day usually averts this. I’ve chosen a tasty powder for children and those whom have difficulty swallowing capsules. If you find yourself ‘behind the 8-ball’, click here to schedule an IV Vitamin C infusion in the Center.
  • Vitamin D3, although called a ‘vitamin,’ is more correctly an ‘immune hormone’. Our modern dietary lifestyle & skin-cancer avoidance of sunlight has led to lower blood levels of vitamin D. Low levels of Vitamin D confers risk of multiple respiratory & viral infections. Cell culture experiments demonstrate Vit D’s direct anti-viral effect, especially in ‘enveloped’ viruses like Coronaviruses. My experience supports this laboratory research and I routinely check the Vitamin D blood levels of my patients, especially as we enter the ‘virus season’. Vitamin ‘D3’, rather than standard ‘Vitamin D’ is much more effective at raising blood levels. At this time, I recommend small children take 5,000 units per day, teenagers and young adults take 10,000 units per day, and mature adults & elderly take 10-15,000 units per day. A blood level would be valuable after 3-4 months.

Golden Flower Tea is a combination of a group of time-honored herbs with active ingredients which inhibit pathologic micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and respiratory viruses. The tea improves lung & GI immunity — the portal of attach of the Coronavirus. Its ingredients have been shown to promote healthy white blood cell production, enhance blood circulation, and to produce seating. As such, it assists in the exteriorization (or ‘shedding’) of respiratory viruses. Due to the clinical observations of the symptom progression suspected COVID cases in China, this formula is ‘borrowed’ from its typical use in preventing and treating Influenza. Manufactured in the US, this herbal formula is a coarsely milled herbal product to be consumed as a tea. Please add extra fresh ginger to the tea if you develop nausea, bloating, or loosening of stools.

  • Silver Flower capsules are a US version of “Qingfei Paidu Decoction” developed and clinically tested in Wuhan, Hubei and 3 surrounding providences in Jan-March 2020. The National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on February 23, 2020 revealed that this herbal formula has more than a 90% effective rate in the treatment of 214 patients who were diagnosed with coronavirus pneumonia. These patients ranged from having mild symptoms to being in critical stages of illness. “Qingfei Paidu Decoction” was used to treat 214 confirmed Coronavirus cases. The patients’ symptoms included fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat, anorexia, and demonstrated COVID-typical changes on CT imaging. Statistic data on February 5th showed that within 3 days of treatment (one treatment course) more than 60% of patients had symptom and/or CT imaging improvement. 30% of patients’ symptoms become stabilized without further worsening. Silver Flower formula is made from the same herbal ingredients as the original “Qingfei Paidu Decoction”. The original “Qingfei Paidu Decoction” is a liquid formula, while the US version, Silver Flower, is in capsule form.

prescription items for high-risk and infected individuals

Thymosin-Alpha is a small protein peptide produced in thymic tissue. The thymus is a gland beneath the breastbone which produces ‘fighting T-cells’ and restores immune function, especially in viral infections. Thymosin-Alpha has been shown to have a multiple mechanisms of actions upon immune cells. Studies have demonstrated benefit for a range of diseases which harbor age- or disease-related immune senescence/weakness. It helps control inflammation associated with chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, and to restore immunity during chemotherapy & radiation and other immune suppressed states. I’m recommending individuals which chronic immune debility use this for 3-4 months during the oncoming tide of COVID infections. It is administered in minute amounts by painless daily injections under the skin of the abdomen with an insulin-syringe. In my years of using Thymosin and other thymus-derived products, I’ve seen no significant adverse side effects.

I’ll be emailing you updates on how to manage your health as things unfold.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the peace and quiet of lessened traffic, a return to overlooked activities you love, and beware of watching too much news.

There’s a blessing in this for each of us.

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