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What’s the pt’s pain point?

  • blood dialysis for kidney failure
  • plasma-phoresis for uncontrolled auto-immune diseases or poisonings
  • therapeutic phlebotomy for hemochromatosis & iron overload

For Centuries, wise physicians have … (principle)

Interestingly, the (principle) …. is the foundation of Dr Tom’s healthcare M-A-P.

In our current age, .. (credibility factor)

  • air we breathe
  • water we drink
  • additives, preservatives, and pesticides in foods we eat
  • skin, hair, and beauty products

Even your friends & family often state …. (social proof)

At our Center, we … (solution offered)

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One of the easiest ways to clean the blood is to detoxify one of the major blood-cleansing organs of the body, the liver.

Expand on how EASY, Convenient, Affordable this is …

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