Transforming Curfew into Healing by exchanging “Double-negative” into “Single Positive” speaking.

Like many cities, citizens are hitting the streets to ‘crush racism’. In Santa Cruz, CA, during a call for protestors to ‘take a knee’ in support of those challenged in these times, the Chief of Police joined in …. as did the Mayor.

During Dr Tom’s weekly Tuesday 4pm Pacific FREE Zoom Open Clinic Hour, he discussed how our habitual speaking creates the framework for our thoughts and actions.

Consider what might happen if instead of ‘crushing racisim’ everyone ‘took a knee to support equality’. Or, ‘social distancing’ was spoken as ‘respectful space’.

Try it for yourself for a week, and see how the tone of your feelings, thoughts, and relationships shift.

To see the recording of this landmark Zoom meeting, click here.

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