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If you would like to meet Dr Tom and his patients Face to Face to be part of this evolving conversation in life of times of COVID and how to retire the pandemic, please join us Tuesday’s 5pm PST on Dr. Tom’s Weekly Zoom Clinic Hour

If you are ready to schedule your COVID Concern appointment with Dr. Tom, choose a day and time that works best for you.

In addition to Dr Tom’s Q & A’s, here’s a listing of topics we’ve covered:

  • Anxiety Abatement
  • Transforming Anxiety into Meaningful Actions
  • Mastering your Emotions
  • Getting to the Front of the Herd: Converting Active Infectors to Active Immunizers
  • In’s & Out’s of Testing
  • #1 Best Exercise for Immunity
  • ‘Meatless March’: your best Diet for Immunity
  • How to be Health Conscious while ‘Opening Up’
  • The Evolving Evidence: can we become Immune to COVID ?
  • Peripheral Challenges during the Times of COVID … kids & elderly

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