What IS Lymphatic Purging?

A wise physcian early in my training admonished me to be a ‘Lympho-Maniac” ! 🙂

It’s taken decades for me to understand the profundity of that admonition.

The most common blood test is called a CBC … a “Complete Blood Count” … and the very first item listed is WBC … the ‘White Blood Count”.

All lay people appreciate that White Blood Cells have something to do with Immunity, something to do with fighting infection.

What most of us, even many doctors, don’t appreciate is that the vast majority of the White Blood Cells are in the ‘Lymphatics’ at any one time.

Most of us recall times of having ‘swollen glands’ under our jawbone during colds and sore throats. These aren’t ‘glands’ at all … they are swollen ‘Lymph Nodes’ … areas of congestion when the White Blood Cells in the local area become congested.

There’s much to learn and experience here. And ‘learning’ your Lymphatic System is done most easily through experiencing your own cleaning of your lymphatic system.

Begin your 2020 HealthCare M-A-P, and after Blood Cleansing, you can begin to experience to wonders of profound Lymphatic Purging.