01 COVID Self-Care

If 56% of the US populations is going to get COVID, then having it remain MILD is key

If we are able to keep our own COVID infection mild, then it’s important not to get swept up in the hysteria, the fear-mongering. It’s important to maintain those activities which help with managing the Pandemic while attending the General … Read More

Sleep is essential for proper immune function.

This fact fuels our commitment to promote sleep for the health benefits you can only get by sleeping. It is THE time to revitalize your mind and body for rest and recovery, to feel revitalized and healthy, to stop listening to stressful news, … Read More

#2 Easiest way to Keep COVID symptoms MILD

The integration of Chinese medicine and Western medicine can significantly speed up symptom resolution of COVID including fever, cough, and fatigue. Recent reporting has also demonstrated shorten length of hospital stay, faster conversion of positive-to-negative coronavirus test results, and seemingly … Read More

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