Established Patient 30-Minute Consultation or Treatment

What should I expect during my appointment with Dr. Tom?

30 minutes is an appropriate amount of time to recheck your progress on an ongoing condition, or to review labs and get an interpretation of results. It is also enough time for a brief exam or some in-office testing; it is not enough time for more than one of the above. After his assessment, he will suggest your ‘Next Best Step‘ given your personal needs & resources, and what the Center can offer either locally or at-home.

Please respect that during this time of Social Distancing, we are keeping to a tight schedule to allow for proper disinfection of the clinic and to ensure no more than one individual or family unit is in the waiting room at any one time.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Dr Tom expects payment at time of services. He will provide a ‘SuperBill’ for PPO insured patients.

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