Dr Tom’s ImmuneGym

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A gym is a place where you go to strengthen muscles, improve balance and gain a foundation for a happier life. What if there were a gym for your immune system? A place where you could go to learn how to understand and strengthen your immune system?

Now there is!

And it’s right here, through the Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine.

ImmuneGym is where you will understand the muscle of your immunity, experience growth in immune strength and balance and track immune health progress.

Many of my patients express they want to feel healthy and vibrant, no matter what’s happening around them. However, some are suffering from the inability to tolerate seemingly simple things. This includes different types of foods, dust, chemicals, EMF (electromagnetic fields), toxic relationships, and more. Others find they catch every cold or flu going around or suffer recurrent infections, whether acne, styes, boils, or herpes outbreaks. Yet few fully understand the status of their immune system or how to work to improve it.

It’s time to advance knowledge, improve your immunity and reverse those issues within this gym designed specifically your immune system.

Join the ImmuneGym to learn how mind, body and soul intersect for immunity:

  • understand the principles of protection, tolerance and immune privilege
  • experience enhancement of appetite, digestion, detoxification and personal expression
  • relish in clarity of communication between your cell’s intelligence and emotional impacts of those around you
  • monitor the regenerative capability of your body through healthy immunity

If you’re looking for simple, concrete actions to support your vitality and want the ability to pursue the big goals in your life, ImmuneGym is the key. Through this completely immersive immunity experience, you’ll learn how to keep your mental, emotional and spiritual energies high, even during intense activity. At any age, you can have the freedom to live your life with a body that lives up to your dreams.

The ImmuneGym has been inspired by patients’ descriptions of their unique healing.

After 55-years of chronic respiratory allergies, daily antihistamines, brain fog and fatigue, following simple principles of immune memory repair gives Donna freedom at last. This example shows us how we can avoid or mitigate the need for ongoing immune system suppression (antihistamines and steroids only suppress symptoms rather than allow the body to heal allergies), strengthen and ultimately balance a system that wasn’t working optimally.

To strengthen the immune system we must unburden it. Whether the collection of various cells within an organ, the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of ourself, or relationships within our blood-line, harmonizing these parts of our ‘selves’ creates a foundation for healing. Healing our selve’s immunity can extends our happines with an intimate partner, mate, or our involvement in a community, nation or culture.

A wise individual takes a proactive approach to detoxifying and rejuvenating their body prior to extending her ‘Self’ to another with marriage.

Even if we are able to detox and “lighten up” our immune load, there can be deeply embedded immune toxins or microbes that may lead to abnormally hot hands and hot feet.

The Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, once stated: “Give Me a fever high enough and I can burn out any disease.”

Many types fevers can heal. A fever may be throughout the body, or localized to a specific body part. It can exist as a passion for a hobby or nature: a burning desire to paint, draw or dance or a hot impulse to spend time at the ocean.

Listen to the beautiful articulation of this gentleman’s own body igniting a ‘fever’ to ‘burning out’ old congealed toxins in the tissues.

Improve Your Immune System in a Safe, Supportive Group Environment

Together with other like-minded individuals, you’ll be working out in the ImmuneGym. While you consider protection, prevention, immune-prejudice and tolerance, you’ll explore how living in harmony with all living things plays a part in your immune journey. You’ll be diving into data from your own body and sharing with others to stay motivated in your shared pursuit of better living.

The private Facebook group allows ImmuneGym members an exclusive forum to interact throughout the three-month program.

Within ImmuneGym, I share the years of learning I’ve had the blessing to receive. My mentor, Steven Aung MD, displays the treasure and gift of his well maintained immunity. I’m grateful to pass his wisdom on to you.

You Owe it to Yourself to Break Free of Intolerance

and Enjoy Consistent Protection.

Take the First Step: Join the ImmuneGym

Dr Tom Yarema