Lumbrokinase (Boluoke)


You’ve heard about “your essential Home Medicine Cabinet” on Dr Tom’s Zoom Open Clinic Hours.

Dr Tom recommends you include Lumbrokinase in your home medicine cabinet.

Lumbrokinase is his safest, most effective recommendation for ‘heavy blood’, which puts you at risk for microscopic and macroscopic blood clots in your blood vessels.

After purchasing, keep tightly capped and store at room temperature; the product will be good for 2 – 2 ½ years.



Boluoke, the original Lumbrokinase, has been used clinically for over 25 years with an excellent safety and efficacy profile, and should be considered as part of any supportive protocol for

  • blood thickening due to viral-mediated allergy
  • lowering homocysteine-induced atherosclerosis
  • prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
  • prevention of cancer metastasis