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‘OnLine Office Hours with Dr Tom’

Every Tuesday starting April 14th, 2020 via Zoom Join me every Tuesday starting April 14th, 2020 for a weekly interactive Zoom webinar where I will be giving you a weekly update from the first-hand science that I am vetting from … Read More

WATCH THIS: improve your IMMUNITY in minutes AT HOME

Bloating, gas, and diarrhea commonly occur in viral illnesses, either during onset, or following the Respiratory Symptoms.. The Cornonavirus is shed in fecal mater for up to 38 days after recovery from COVID pneumonia …. so please WASH HANDS after using the toilet. The … Read More

If 56% of the US populations is going to get COVID, then having it remain MILD is key

If we are able to keep our own COVID infection mild, then it’s important not to get swept up in the hysteria, the fear-mongering. It’s important to maintain those activities which help with managing the Pandemic while attending the General … Read More

Metabolic Resetting … rebooting

Metabolism … what REALLY is it? We’ve heard people say the have a FAST or a SLOW metabolism … some people just cannot keep ‘meat on their bones’ and others seem ‘impossible to lose weight’. To stay healthy, we each … Read More

What IS Lymphatic Purging?

A wise physcian early in my training admonished me to be a ‘Lympho-Maniac” ! 🙂 It’s taken decades for me to understand the profundity of that admonition. The most common blood test is called a CBC … a “Complete Blood … Read More

Sleep is essential for proper immune function.

This fact fuels our commitment to promote sleep for the health benefits you can only get by sleeping. It is THE time to revitalize your mind and body for rest and recovery, to feel revitalized and healthy, to stop listening to stressful news, … Read More

PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT): Intra-venous Laser kills Cancer cells in the Blood

A recent science article reported a new, non-toxic method to fight cancer metastasis with a harmless laser, shining into the blood of the vein used to draw blood. Metastasis is cancer spreading from a tumor to other spots in the body. It’s … Read More

‘Detox with Dr Tom’

Whether you made 2020 New Year Resolutions or not, now is the time to become a better you. Here is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss! I invite you and your family and friends to a 7 day Detox … Read More

end your struggle to Change Your Bad Habits

Whether GOOD or BAD, the WORST thing about habit is: ‘They are Hard to Change’ If you’ve read Steve Covey’s book, “the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, … then you know the power of habits …. both good & … Read More

Our ‘Intimate Connection’ Hot Shot may help you smile & glow again …

Oxytocin often called the “Love Hormone” … has been reported to decrease consumption, withdrawal, and drug-seeking behavior associated with several drugs of abuse. In a study published this year, oxytocin had effects on GABA, the relaxation neurotransmitter, and the central … Read More